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About Ski Dubai

Indulge in a ski Dubai experience, and spend time at the first indoor ski resort in the entire Middle Eastern region. Get a chance to enjoy respite from the prickly desert heat here with your ski Dubai tickets and take part in a wide array of activities in this winter wonderland. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai sprawls across more than 22,500 square metres of area, and is covered with real snow all throughout the year. Furthermore, it is at the 5 different types of slopes here where you can enjoy a thrilling snowboarding experience, in addition to getting a chance to meet penguins, which are nothing short of a rarity in Dubai.

There are a myriad of ski Dubai activities that you can partake in with your friends and family, amidst the cold temperatures and wide array of facilities that this indoor park is known for. With your ski Dubai ticket, you can not only soak in the beautiful snowy landscapes and man-made mountains inside this park, but also spend time at the skating rinks, cafes and chairlifts, thereby indulging in a true hill station experience. And when you are here, don’t forget to go all out by participating in sports and activities like sledding, tobogganing, mountain climbing, skiing and more, which are some of the best things to do in ski Dubai.


Ski Dubai Tickets Options

Ski Dubai deals
Snow Classic Pass

Choose the Snow Classic Pass when you buy ski Dubai tickets online, and enjoy unlimited access to all the rides available in the Snow Park inside this ski resort. This includes the Chair Lift rides as well as the Mountain Thriller ride. This pass lets you spend an entire day at the Snow Park, where you can enjoy the attractions like the ice cave. In addition to it. indulge in the toboggan rides, giant ball rolls, bobsledding, tubing runs as well as bumper car rides for any number of times you wish to. This pass also offers you free fleece gloves, in addition to rental winter gear, such as jackets, trousers, disposable socks as well as snow boots.

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Ski Dubai Ticket
Snow Plus Pass

The Snow Plus Pass has a variety of ski Dubai tickets offers, which you can avail for an unlimited access to the rides in the Snow Park. In addition to a full day of fun at the snow park, snow cavern and tobogganing slopes, this pass also allows you unlimited rides of the Mountain Thriller and the chair lift. Furthermore, you can also enjoy zorbing, bobsledding, tubing runs and bumper car adventures with this pass. A major highlight of the Snow Plus Pass is that you get to choose between two experiences here, one of which is a round trip zipline adventure, and the other being two hours of snowboarding or skiing on the slopes

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Experiences in Ski Dubai

There is a wide array of things to do in ski Dubai, from snowboarding and skiing, to sledding, tobogganing and more. Along with the tag of the first indoor ski resort in the entire Middle East, it is also known as the third largest skiing area in the whole world. Ski Dubai has five towering slopes of different gradients and difficulty levels. Furthermore, the ski resort also doubles up as a snow park, where one can enjoy chairlift and draglift rides, and even get a chance to meet King and Gentoo penguins. Besides that, this ski resort offers other types of activities too, from exploring an ice cave and climbing an ice wall, to zorbing, bobsled rides and more. Plan your visit to Ski Dubai for a wonderful experience.

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ski dubai snow park

Skiing is the top ski Dubai experience that you can indulge in. This indoor ski resort boasts of a mountain which is 280 feet high and 1,300 feet long, in addition to being covered in 3 feet of real snow. This gives visitors a chance to enjoy skiing here. With five ski slopes of different skill levels, including the gentler slopes for beginners as well as the first indoor black diamond run in the world, skiing at Ski Dubai is nothing short of an exhilarating adventure.

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Ski Dubai deals

When visiting Ski Dubai, you must enjoy a snowboarding experience here. With various types of slopes available here, in addition to gentler slopes for beginners, a freestyle zone as well as the quarter pipe, you can show off your jumps and rails here. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a snowboarding session from professional guides at Ski Dubai, and learn the sport in greater detail. All you need to do is rent your equipment, and then get a chairlift ride all the way to the top of the 85-metre-tall mountain here to begin your snowboarding adventure.

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Ski Dubai Ticket
Snow Park Rides

You can also avail ski Dubai tickets to enjoy the wide range of rides in the snow park here. Spanning across multiple thousands of square metres of area, the Snow Park in Ski Dubai boasts of an interactive snow cave, hills to enjoy toboggan rides, bumper cars, as well as twin tracks where you can take part in bobsled runs with your friends and family. To make your experience even better, you can also enjoy making snow angels, snowmen and have snowball fights at the Snow Park.

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Ski Dubai Chai Lift
Chair Lift

The best way to enjoy exploring Ski Dubai and all the wonders and attractions that this indoor ski park has is by riding the chair lift here. The state-of-the-art chair lift in Ski Dubai transports visitors to the high snow-capped mountains and ski fields of Europe, and offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of the snowclad slopes and chalets here. You can also indulge in the other adventure activities once you reach the top of the slops after the chair lift ride.

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ski dubai snow park
Meet & Greet with Penguins

One of the best things to do in ski Dubai is to have a meet and greet with the penguins here. Ski Dubai is home to colonies of King and Gentoo penguins, which come out to play for the free March of the Penguins show every day at fixed intervals in the park. In addition to seeing these penguins from up close, you can also enjoy underwater viewing and playdates with the penguins here, which makes your visit to this park quite memorable.

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ski dubai tickets
Mountain Thrillers

At the Ski Dubai park, you can indulge in a Mountain Thrillers experience, which is unlike anything you have ever, or will ever experience in all of the Middle East. The Mountain Thrillers is a bobsled ride in this indoor ski resort, where you have to get to the highest point in the park, and then hop aboard a bobsled to enjoy a fast downhill ride. The ride is true to its name, as it offers a lot of thrill and adrenaline, and is perfect for adventure seekers.

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Ski Dubai Snow Tube
Snow Bullet Ride

When availing ski Dubai tickets offers, don’t forget to partake in a snow bullet ride. The Snow Bullet is the park’s own zipline, which lets you soar across the air, down the hill side. This is a state-of-the-art zip line, located 16 metres from the ground, and has a distance of more than 150 metres. When indulging in a snow bullet ride, you can enjoy stunning bird’s eye views of the snowy grounds and slopes inside the park.

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Snow City Zorbing
Ball Zorbing

Ski Dubai has a gigantic Zorb ball, which you can get inside and then enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you get rolled down the snowy slopes of the hills inside the park. With the Zorb ball being transparent, you can also enjoy the views of the snowclad slopes and the surrounding attractions and landscapes, whilst also having the most fun-filled time.

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ski dubai cheap tickets
Ski Lessons

For the best ski Dubai experience, spend some time indulging in ski lessons at the Ski School here. This school is led by professional and experienced skiing experts, who can help you get trained in the sport, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro. In addition to learning the sport, you can also brush up your skills or learn new tips and tricks about skiing from experienced trainers.

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Dining at Ski Dubai

Ski DUbai dinning.jpg
Avalanche Café and Ice Café

The Avalanche Café and Ice Café is one of the most popular dine-in places and stopping points in this ski resort, according to the ski Dubai guide. Located inside the ski park, this café is perfect for visitors who are taking the chairlift, or those who stop at the midway marks on the slopes while snowboarding or skiing. In addition to offering stunning views of the snowy slopes and the other skiers and snowboarders, the cafe is also a great place to enjoy sweet and savoury treats, from light snacks to hot dogs and sandwiches. You can also enjoy several hot beverages here, such as a piping hot chocolate.

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Ski Dubai north
North 28

Another popular place for a refreshment, according to the ski Dubai guide, is the North 28 restaurant, located right next to Ski Dubai. The restaurant gets its name from the 28th circle of latitude north of the equator, a route that passes through the snow-capped mountains of Mount Everest all the way to the sand dunes of the Middle East. The restaurant offers great views of the snow park, and has an extensive menu consisting of hot and cold dishes and beverages. From gourmet meat dishes to traditional delicacies of the east, as well as popular meals from the west, this restaurant has it all.

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Safety Measures to Keep While Visiting Ski Dubai

ski dubai cheap tickets
  • To make your ski Dubai experience a safe and memorable one, it is recommended to take necessary hygiene and cleanliness precautions, including proper sanitisation
  • The indoor ski park uses fogging machines to disinfect the larger areas of the park, as a means to keep everything clean and according to the highest sanitisation standards
  • The staff of the park also ensure to clean and sanitize all the surfaces here after guest interactions, while also paying special attention to high touch points like payment terminals and counters
  • To maintain the safety of everyone, the park also has a mandatory rule that everyone wears a face mask here, at all times
  • In order to ensure food safety, the park officials also monitor and record the temperature of the food here to make sure that it is safe for consumption
  • All the workstations are sanitized on an hourly basis, while the staffs wash their hands at least once every 20-minute intervals and before they handle any food
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Facts about Ski Dubai

ski dubai tickets
  • One of the most intriguing ski Dubai facts is that it is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, in addition to being the largest indoor snow park in the whole world
  • Ski Dubai has, for the first time ever, given visitors as well as locals in Dubai, a chance to indulge in snow sports like skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing all year round, right in the middle of the intense desert heat
  • A perfect place for an adventurous day out with friends and family, another one of the popular ski Dubai facts is that it is equipped with innovative and efficient insulation, which keeps the temperature here at -4 degree Celsius at all times
  • Ski Dubai is also home to a colony of Gentoo and King penguins, which is a part of their penguin education, conservation and research program
  • The entire Snow Park, slopes and other attractions of Ski Dubai are covered in real snow, which is created by spraying a mist of water and compressed air, thereby making real snowfall happen here every day, in addition to recycling old snow as well, which makes it one of the most interesting ski Dubai facts
  • Ski Dubai also boasts of having the first indoor black run in the whole world
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Know Before you Go For Ski Dubai

How to Reach
Essential Information

1. By Car: You can approach Interchange 4 while driving on the Sheikh Zayed Road, from where a short drive towards the west end of the Mall of the Emirates can help you reach Ski Dubai.

2 .By Bus: You can also avail a ride on bus numbers F29, F30, F33, J01, 81, 93 and 105 to get to Mall of the Emirates, where Ski Dubai is located.

3. By Metro: To get to Ski Dubai by metro, you can take the Red Line, and get off on the first floor above Carrefour, which is the metro link of the Mall of the Emirates.

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FAQs of Ski Dubai

How long can you stay in Ski Dubai?

With your ski Dubai tickets, you can easily spend at least 2 to 3 hours at this ski park.

Is it allowed to take a camera inside Ski Dubai?

No, taking a camera inside Ski Dubai is not allowed. However, you can avail the services of a professional photographer inside the park premises who can click as many photographs of your experience here as you want. However, this service is available at an additional charge.

How many slopes are in Ski Dubai?

There are five different slopes in Ski Dubai. Ranging from gentler slopes for beginners, to an indoor black diamond run, the first of its kind slope and other slopes for skiers and snowboards with skills of different levels, Ski Dubai has it all.

What activities can be enjoyed at Ski Dubai?

  • Zorbing: One of the best ski Dubai activities is zorbing, available at the Snow Park here. In this activity, you get to enter into a huge Zorb ball, and sit tight, as you enjoy a drop from the highest point of the slope to the lowest.
  • Chairlift Ride: Home to a state-of-the-art chairlift, you can enjoy a ride on it to get to the top of the mountain in Ski Dubai. During the ride, you can also soak in views of the snowy slopes and hills, along with the different attractions here.
  • Snow Bullet Ride: Ski Dubai’s very own zip line lets you soar 16 metres above the ground at high speed, in addition to offering you aerial views of the snowclad hills and slopes here.
  • Penguin Encounters: You can also enjoy a meet and greet with a colony of King Penguins and Gentoo Penguins in Ski Dubai, as they rest in their replicated natural habitats.

What is the best time to visit ski Dubai?

The best time to visit Ski Dubai is between 10:00 a.m. and 02:00 p.m., when there is less crowd in the park, and when you can indulge in the many sports and activities here, without having to rush.

Is it necessary to wear face masks and gloves at Ski Dubai?

Yes, it is necessary to wear face masks and gloves at Ski Dubai. This is done to ensure the safety of the guests as well as the staff, especially considering the COVID-19 protocols.

Should I book my Ski Dubai Tickets online?

Yes, you should ideally book your Ski Dubai tickets online avail yourself great offers and discounts on ticket price. By doing so, you can also enjoy a quicker and hassle-free entry into the park, without having to stand and wait in long queues at the entry point and ticketing booths.

Can Ski Dubai Tickets be booked in Advance?

Yes, a ski Dubai ticket can be booked in advance. In addition to the park being a popular attraction, and with the ongoing pandemic situation, pre-booking your tickets in advance ensures that you stay away from the rush of the crowd near the entry gates and ticket booths. Additionally, you can also avoid the risk of the tickets getting sold out owing to limited capacity and entry into Ski Dubai. So, pre booking your tickets in advance ensures that your visiting slots are reserved, which therefore gives you a more comfortable experience of enjoying your time at Ski Dubai.

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